the banquets

On your most important day, for a special event or a day you just do not want to forget, choosing us means living a real unforgettable day, with our special menu to be enjoyed alone,  with your partner or with your friends and relatives. The same style, the same service and everything you need to live a beautiful day.
To learn more about our menus and costs, send us an email with your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

the catering

Our Catering, or "when passion comes out of the restaurant”. Whether it's a garden or a terrace and a villa or a medieval castle; whether you are a private customer or a company; whether it's a party or a reception, "You have my word”. Rely on me and you will live unforgettable moments, enjoy the charm, feel the same culinary emotions that you would feel in my restaurant. Guaranteed.


the galley

And then, for boating enthusiasts, the galley service. Top quality products, modern equipment and the utmost professionalism to pamper you with our gastronomic suggestions directly to your boat, moored in the ports of Sperlonga, Gaeta and Terracina.  Let yourself be lulled by the waves and, driven by a light breeze, enjoy the pleasures of the sea, and we'll take care of gourmet delights.

other passions

In my menu, at the end of the list of suggested cheeses, there's a phrase: "Knowledge is the product of a constant search; ours, for now, stops here". I think the range of cheeses, based on the strict observance of the principle of seasonality and special attention to the products of numerous artisan cheese factories, can testify to the thoroughness and rigor of my search. In an ideal game of responsibilities I would have no doubt to "blame" Alberto Marcomini for this, famous cheese-maker but, above all, a dear friend. It is thanks to him that I was introduced to the amazing universe of cheese-making art; it was under his influence that I began to read the literature, taste, explore cheeses, with an emphasis on their main features, coming up with the most successful combinations with local fish and seafood.

And then chocolate. Another obsessive passion with full rights of citizenship in my kitchen. Sweet, bitter, fragrant, with an intense and sustained flavor, soft, scented.  Studied, tasted, revised, transformed into that voluptuous and exciting pleasure able to tickle the taste of customers and friends and invite them to participate in the most delicious of the games.