Elegance, attention to detail and an essential décor reflect, with their perfect symmetry, our gastronomic offer.
Our dishes, of great emotional impact, are an original, yet natural reinterpretation of the products of the area; creative, yet not trendy dishes.
No secrets. Only the highest quality ingredients (simple fish, vegetables from our own production and, above all, fresh raw fish), whole and direct flavours, simple seasonings and passion, so much passion.
First courses are prepared with an accurate selection of pasta coming from the best pasta factories; as for second courses, most of the ingredients used to prepare dishes consist of the catch of the day coming directly from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Then, there is our passion for cheese and cheese making in general, which translates into a wide range of cheese and exclusive dairy products, accompanied by an extensive wine list (about two hundred labels, which include the best Italian wines, as well as French wines and some international labels), which actually is not just a list, but a selected and reasoned choice.
And, finally, desserts, prepared mainly with chocolate. No. No secrets. Just pure taste.

No secrets. Just the highest quality ingredients (common varieties of fish, vegetables coming from the family farm, but most of all, fresh raw seafood), natural and bright flavours, minimized seasonings and so much passion.

Behind our first courses there is a careful selection of pasta and its producers; while for the second courses, it is the generosity of the Tyrrhenian Sea to dictate the choices with the catch of the day. And mention should be made of our great love for the art of cheese and cheese making, as evidenced by the impressive selection of fine cheeses, national and international, combined with the wine list  (about four hundred labels including the best Italian wines, a careful selection of French wines and some of the most famous international brands) which is not just a list but is the result of a well-reasoned choice. And finally, the sublime dessert menu with chocolate that, in the winter evenings, sings its melodious soundtrack.

No. No secret. The exaltation of taste, to us, does not hide secrets.